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Credit Fraud Article

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credit fraud

Enlarge / Inside the command and control channel of a point-of-sale botnet powered by StarDust. IntelCrawler Underscoring the growing sophistication of Internet crime, researchers have documented one of the first known botnets to target point-of ...

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Credit card fraud comes of age with advances in point-of-sale botnets

Two Pembroke residents are being charged in credit card fraud, among other charges, after they allegedly used a stolen credit card to purchase more than $4,400 worth of goods. Charles G. Raftes, 39, of 216 Pembroke Woods Drive, Pembroke, and Elizabeth A.

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MARSHFIELD POLICE/ Two face charges of credit card fraud

The first time my oldest daughter got an email from her credit-card company reporting misuse of her card, she learned how to protect herself from spam and phishing scams. The second time—this week—she applied the first lessons, and then ...

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What to do when fraudsters use your credit card

Alternatively, Americans can estimate their incomes for the upcoming year and have an estimated tax credit paid in advance directly to their health insurance providers. Those are supposed to be reconciled the following year, depending on whether the person ...

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Report: IRS ready on ACA tax credits but not for fraud

Hundreds of victims have lost thousands of dollars in a new type of credit card crime. Police in Waynesville are actively pursuing the case of one of the largest credit card crimes they have ever seen here. Investigators say hundreds of customers at five ...

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Credit Card Fraud Warning

East Pennsboro Township Police have been contacted about a case of credit card fraud and identity theft from Washington state. The Okanogan County Sheriff's Office says the victim who lives in Okanogan, Washington reported her credit card was used to make ...

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Police seek credit card fraud suspect

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Grisha Stpanov opened a credit card, charged up $20,000 ... brothers are proof positive that most banks are still very susceptible to fraud. How they did it It all started when the Hovhannisyan brothers joined forces ...

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Anatomy of a $500,000 credit card fraud

An Austell woman was convicted of multiple counts of identity and credit card fraud for using cloned cards at big-box stores across three counties. Miesha Sanyell Hunter, 31, who also used the name Miesha Sanyell Perdue, was found guilty by a jury ...

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Austell woman guilty of identity and credit card fraud

One more thing to keep in mind here: Sometimes the name of the company checking your credit doesn't match the name of the place where you applied for credit. Retail credit is a good example. You may apply for an instant credit account to buy furniture at ...

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How to spot fraud on your credit reports

Beginning in 2014, a tax credit will be available to low- and middle-income individuals to help them pay for health insurance ... General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), said two new IRS systems to catch tax refund fraud are under development.

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